winter programs

This fun 5-week program is great for students at any age needing support with producing sounds! Students are added to groups based on age so they can have fun with their peers! The structure of the classes involved drill work (to target their sounds effectively!), fun activities, and self-monitoring/ tracking so the students can take pride in their progress. Homework activities are included to help your child's skills develop beyond the group setting. 

This 5-week literacy program is perfect for those students who may be falling behind in developing their pre-literacy and literacy skills. Pre-literacy skills are the foundational blocks for learning to read and spell. Your child will learn to identify letter sounds, rhyme, segment, and blend sounds. The structure of the class involves drill work, fun activities, and self-tracking for students to take pride oin their progress.  Take home activities are provided! 

Get ready to sing, dance, and have fun while learning basic signs! This program is perfect for children ages 18 months-4 years old. Laura will help parents and caregivers learn signs focused around daily activities. Toddlers will be able to pick up how to sign while having fun! Take home the signs so you can practice at home! 

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